We are going on a Quantum Physical Magical Mystery Tour. I will be your guide. The place we will explore is you.

Quantum Physics presents us with the following question: Can you actually use it to change your life? Dr. Quantum states that the answer is absolutely, yes.

Quantum physics is an amazing (and at times, mysterious) field of science. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf teaches that anyone can understand quantum physics at a practical level. What's more, it's the most useful, immediate, and relevant type of science you can learn enabling you to profoundly affect your everyday life. Dr. Quantum explains how your mind is a quantum engine and asks if you are ready to fire it up?

The art of “applied quantum physics” is to learn to harness the power of consciousness as we move through space and time. At the heart of quantum theory we find a surprising (and scientifically proven) truth: that the very act of observing events in your life alters their outcomes. Our minds are not just for walking in an impersonal universe, says Dr. Quantum.

You will learn to recognize that your mind works by a quantum physical process of defocusing and focusing, which means learning how to let go of memories and learning how to focus in on possibilities.

You will see, among many other surprising things, that the practice of focusing and defocusing creates subjective time and makes time travel a necessary part of the way that your mind functions and the way time works. Here is a list of expectations.

You will:

  1. Realize that an infinite, unchanging reality exists hidden behind the illusion of ceaseless change.
  2. Realize that this infinite, unchanging reality lies at the core of every being and is the substratum of the personality.
  3. Realize that life has one main purpose: to experience this one reality—to discover God while one is living on earth.
  4. Realize that your I-ness is the same as all other I-nesses.
  5. Realize that your self is an actor whose role changes.
  6. Realize that what or who you decide to identify with, you become.
  7. Realize that everyone you see out there is just a reflection of your own unmasked self.
  8. Realize that there is only one mind and that your thoughts as personal as they seem have been thought everywhere by everyone in some form.

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