Outsmarting Disorganized Energy Habits with Eden Energy Medicine Techniques: Clearing, weaving, shifting, and linking brilliant force fields of health and balance.

In this presentation, the participants will get familiar with effective EEM techniques and energy testing to maintain all energy systems in fluid communication. They will recognize an important aspect of shifting old energetic habits to promote desired changes in health on different levels. We will tune into the Triple Warmer, and its increasable capacity and design to keep us alive, and we will start training it to keep us happy.

EEM offers many answers, provides guidance to find the root of a problem, and delivers the tools to create a shift. Daily Energy Routine (DER) is an essential tool the participants will master.

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"EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE : BEYOND THE BASICS"- Get to Know Your Own Healing Hands

with Eva Gold, CNHP, EEM-AP, Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner

Date : 29th Jan, 2018 ; Time : 10:00am - 5:30pm ; Venue : Kabir Bhavan

"It is easier than you might think to mobilize inner forces that enhance your health, empower your mind, and literally brighten your spirit. " - Donna Eden

Health is a vibrant process of energies in motion. Your hands and fingers are powerful energetic tools able to ignite changes in your physical body. They emit light and carry an electromagnetic force design to keep your body in balance.

In this workshop you will engage in hands-on experiences that activate inner forces of vitality, strength and resilience. Working together with a partner you will engage in a process of energy testing and skill building. Together you will discover effects of Radiant Circuits - the energies of joy and repair and "Black Pearl Sanctuary" - the energies of inner peace and profound relaxation.

We will explore 9 energy systems that animate the body as described by Donna Eden in her book "Energy Medicine".

Having attended Eden Energy Medicine presentations during the Conference are the only pre-requisites for this post class.

(Attendees are advised to bring along a blanket or yoga mat for their comfort).