The ACMOS Method: An Engineering Approach to Quantum Health and Vitality

Carol Robertson and Widad Nash along with Captain Arvind Singh will introduce Rene Naccachian's ACMOS Method as a truly holistic means of restoring quantum resonance to the body. Over the past 50 years, Dr Rene Naccachian PhD and his team have crafted the ACMOS Method from the traditional concepts of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine using a sound engineering base. Meticulous in his search for proof of change, Dr Naccachian adapted Ernst Lecher's antenna to measure and tune the human energy fields. He corroborated his work by inventing a sophisticated biofeedback tester capable of displaying immediate change in the electrical activity of the body circuits.

The result is a unique system which enables practitioners to restore resonance at the pace and in the style chosen by the body itself. High quality resonant products, which repeatedly demonstrate change in the bio-electric and vibratory body, are used to re-tune missing or fragile resonances at specific target sites enabling self-healing and repair.

Communication with the energy body to analyse and strengthen weak areas is key to the success of the Method. By translating and responding to the quantum signals from the body ACMOS gives energy, insight and self-empowerment to people on their healing journey.